Thursday, November 10, 2011

Soccer- The Golden Chaos

Soccer, Again! 

From now on, just know that the girls are obsessed with soccer!  They're playing year round, two and three teams at the same time, and possibly going to Austria for a World Cup (it's pretty likely actually.)

These are the only pictures I got from the Fall Season of Soccer.  They were on the Golden Chaos.  

I've marked a few of the pictures so you can see which of the miniature people are the girls.  Memorize what they're wearing for the next few pictures.  Xanthe has on white socks, and Xoe has on some funky navy with blue checkers and frogs on them.  Gotta have some fashion in there somewhere, huh?

This is Christine, the girls' best friend.  I have posted about her before. She's seriously so amazing!  And amazing at soccer too.  Spencer is in love with her as well.  He saw me circling the girls in some of the pictures and insisted I circle her too. :)

Xanthe is #67

The girls, even though they are sports obsessed, they still have creativity in their bones. They made this sign at the Youth Center for the team to run through at the beginning of the game, but they didnt' want to ruin it so they just took a picture of it.  It's currently hanging outside our house now on a big wall we have.

And now it's off to Winter Volleyball. :) Oh joys. Especially for a parent who doesn't love sports... I blame my brothers and sisters for their love of sports. Ironic isn't it that I would get the sports kids?.... :) Oh well. Gotta love it.)


Nan said...

I LOVE that X & X play and love soccer. It makes me really happy. Thanks for posting the pics. I bet they are good, fast players..

Anonymous said...

Well, you could sneak in your phone and write a few more blog posts to keep you entertained. So you can follow the match and in between you can entertain your readers. Win-win.