Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ice Skating in Downtown Wiesbaden

Katryn Brown, Ashley Busby, Xanthe Villa, Christine Arnold, Xoe Villa

Before we left for the states, we thought it would be fun to take the girls ice skating in our Downtown area.  It's a really great and beautiful park and opera house near the big church square.  The city erects this smallish ice skating rink every year.  We got there at a good time because after about two hours it started getting really crowded.

(not the greatest pictures)

This was a common occurrence.  Falling down.

The ice skating rink.  I wish I would have gotten a picture of the fire warmers. Old terra cotta stoves spread about that gave off a lot of heat.
Zamboni.  Didn't really do that great of a job and it took forever to freeze over, but it worked for the amateur skaters, right?

A few videos of our excursion.

I got a kick out of these penguins for the kids.  They were super heavy, the adults had to carry them onto the ice.  I thought, I want one of those!  haha.  

You'll see the girls in a green sweatshirt (Xanthe) and a checkered jacket (Xoe). They're doing pretty well. This was after a few hours of falling. :)

They're doing really well, huh?!  Great job girls!

This video is funny because Xoe actually took the camera on the ice and totally "ate" it. :)

Don't know why Xoe's teeth are so yellow.  They're not really that yellow (see picture before).

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Charise said...

You are quite possibly the coolest, funnest, best mom EVER! I wish I lived by you. We would have so much fun!
I love you cute cousin!
Charise "Chari" Gates Johnson