Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Shopping Buddies

One of our favorite things to do is hit up Toys R Us that is only a couple of exits away. Spencer, of course, spends all his time in the train section and the girls spend theirs in the bike and scooter section.  They love to ride around the store on these crazy contraptions. One time I found them riding around on a huge old fashioned (but made of plastic) ice cream type bike, with the huge front wheel and two small back wheels.  I am still laughing remembering it. I know I have a video but I'm still sorting through all the random pictures taken from all of our phones over the years that I'll just post these pictures so I can call it done.

Spencer also sometimes accompanies me into the shoppette (think 7-11) when I get gas.  Usually he just follows me around, but he started catching on what the baskets for.  I watched him walking around the store loading things up into his basket.  I totally laughed so hard watching him walk around the store.

Sorry these pictures are so bad. I had to take them quickly with my iPhone.


Randi said...

One of my favorite things is seeing how happy X&X make Spencer. His smile is contagious! And you seriously need to get a video of him shopping. That sounds too funny!!!

Alicia said...

I may or may not have checked this post again on the off chance that you found that video. I gotta see it.
Love this. Love you.