Saturday, November 5, 2011

Piano Recital

It's been awhile since the girls had taken piano. They took lessons from someone in Sierra Vista and then a couple of years went by without lessons. I knew they needed some before they grew up too fast :) and regretted not continuing on, so an amazing girl in my ward took them on as students.  This was after only a few months of practicing. What you can't see very well are the 30 people sitting right in front of them so the girls' view were everyone's eyes on them. It was pretty nervewracking they said.  They impressed me so much and I thought they did a great job. 




Heather and James Georgianna said...

tell them not to stop. when they give you attitude and say they don't want to practice have them call me! I regret it so much not playing!

Kerstin said...

Very nice! And I also think that they should continue. I've learned the piano and then gave up. I can hardly play any tune by tune, which is sad.