Monday, February 23, 2009

Another Trip to the ER

Didn't I just HAVE a visit to the ER a couple months ago? What is this? Seriously. This is the 3rd visit to the hospital in the last 8 months.

And how come the ERs at regular hospitals are nowhere near similar to the TV show? I'd like it to be more like Grey's Anatomy with hot doctors and nurses, and everyone running around to get stuff done quickly. But no, I get stuck with the old man doctor who is freakishly caressing my skin, and nurses who leave me to die in my bed.

But whatever. Cuz I got Morphine and a whole MAJOR dose of antibiotics (so high that the nurse had to go check if that was what the doctor realy wanted) and Tylenol, Motrin and a prescription for more antibiotics. And at least i'm not shivering so hard I feel like my insides are to going fall out. And at least my head doesn't feel like it's gonna explode.

Can you believe my temperature got up to 104? How scary is that? That must have been why I had such a bad headache. Anyway, I still have a fever but they said it would go down eventually. And it has. I feel much better, even though my eyes still won't focus cuz of the pressure in my head. I just have to lay down and cover my eyes.

They called what I had Pyloric Nephritis. I don't have a specific explanation for it but what the nurse said was that it was like a kidney infection but way worse. A normal bladder infection has 5 White Blood Cells in the urine. I had 30. It was red from having blood in it. Was that too graphic? Sorry. Anyway, they said there was nothing to do from getting it, I just need to catch it the minute I feel it in my kidneys. I've had problems with my kidneys my whole life but I thought they went away 10 years ago. I can only guess they're resurfacing now that I'm over 30.

Thank you to everyone for your nice comments. I never want to be that sick again. I have to go to the doctor's way sooner. I just hate that they aren't open on the weekends.


amber buhrley said...

what makes me laugh is that you are still blogging through it all. you crazy!

Vanessa Sperry said...

Oh my goodness!!! I thought the same thing as the previous comment, what are you doing blogging, go to bed!

Katie Schultz said...

oh man- I am sorry. I am glad you are back home and doing better. A temp. of 104 is pretty scary.

{leah} said...

I hope you feel better soon!! I've heard horrible things about the SV ER and I hope to never go there. I'm sorry that you had to. Call if you need anything!!