Sunday, February 8, 2009

who needs a pacifier... when you've got socks?

Spencer hates pacifiers.

He won't even put anything in his mouth when I give it to him. Not toys, not spoons, not even random household items.

But give him a piece of material and he goes to town. He sucks on it like it's a pacifier.

He'll grab anything he can get his hands on. Blankets, pillows, his ski hat, his shirt, and in this case, his sock.

The process of putting him to sleep is this--- I lay him down, give him a blanket, where he then shoves it in his mouth and rolls over.

It was way too funny when he put himself to sleep like this on the way home from one of our outings.

Like I said, who needs a pacifier, when you've got a sock... Hey! I'll take whatever works!
***And I forgot to mention in his "7 Month" post that he has grown out of 12 month clothes! He's in 18-24 months!!!!


Randi said...

It looks like someone drugged him with Chloroform. This kid doesn't fit any "baby mold" out there. He just marches to his own tune. I love him.

{leah} said...

He looks so cue!! I think it's funny that he is still bald.... I think it's be really funny when he starts thinning out.

heather said...

that is SO funny! i love it. wendy puts EVERYTHING in her mouth- consider yourself lucky. and "whatever works" is right!

Beth said...

That is so funny...maybe it's the texture he likes.

Elizabeth and Tyler said...

welcome back we all missed you. I heard your family was sick I hope everyone feels better. I will call you tomorrow so I can drop off your games I'm sure you are ready for an office show down. Thank you.