Wednesday, October 28, 2009

And the Festivities Have Begun!

And so the Halloween festivities of the season have officially begun. Last night, we attended our Heidelberg Ward Trunk or Treat. We're in an English speaking military ward, but we joined with the German speaking ward to join in the fun!

We had a lot of fun. They had games, a spook alley and food, which included the normal Hot Dogs, chips, and Capri-Sonne (Capri Sun), which our ward probably provided (typical American fare)...and the German ward provided the waffles and crepes bar...THAT was my favorite part. And of course they had all sorts of fillers, chocolate, banana, applesauce or apples, powdered sugar, etc. Yum, yum.

So, wanna know what everyone dressed up as? Well, Brian and I don't dress up. Ya, that's right. As much as I LOVE Halloween, I never dress up. I always feel silly. I TOTALLY love when other adults dress up, I just never do. I guess I have in the past (see this post), but haven't in a few years. ANYWAY! I digress.

Here we go: First it's Xanthe. Duhduhduhduh!!!!! Drum roll please...

Recognize this character?

Elphaba from Wicked!!!

Xanthe found this awesome dress and wanted it so bad. When she tried it on, she started singing, "One short day in the emerald city..." and doing a lyrical dance all around the store. So, it was meant to be. (Now, finding green paint was another story!) I can't believe how much her eyes were popping out and so blue too! I couldn't stop laughing at how awesome she looked. However, at first without her costume on, I told her she looked like The Incredible Hulk. :)

Next is Xoe....duhduhduhduh...Drum roll please...

Sandy from Grease!!!

They both were so awesome in their characters. I wish this picture showed Xoe's hair more. It was so huge and we did it all with sponge rollers! (Remember? I have none of my stuff, no curling irons or anything.) We found this black outfit when we knew we had to come up with some sort of costume out of regular clothes. They were selling this baby in the kids' section. How awesome is it? It's like a halter top with another layer over it. I started laughing so hard when she was all ready cuz she looked SO good. You go girl!

Next, we have Spencer. I totally had two REALLY good ideas, but was very frustrated trying to find stuff to make his costume with. I can't tell you what they are cuz I'm saving them for next year and the year after that. He's going to be so funny.

For this year, Brian and I found this pirate costume for 5 bucks! Of COURSE I had to get it. But, I had a feeling it was going to be small. It said 2T and up to 36 pounds. Well, they lied. Brian and I were laughing the whole time. And the only way to get it on was through the neck hole so we prayed he didn't poop during the party. There was no way it was coming off unless it was off for good. We had the hardest time squeezing his arms into it. It was quite funny though. Watch his diaper through the night. It slowly gets larger and larger and we ended up having to take the costume completely off towards the end. Too funny.

The girls brought their friend Rachel with them. Look at the height difference. haha. Good thing she's a year older than them or I would have been REALLY worried. She is such a cute girl. I'm glad she could come along.

And a picture of the fam...sans mom. You definitely don't want to see what I looked like that night. I did don my Wicked shirt, so I was kind of Halloweenish.

These are the only pictures with the eye patch and bandana. And the bandana wouldn't even go on right cuz I had to do it quickly so I could take the picture before he ripped them off. Arrrrrgh. I totally wanted to paint some beard scruff but it was a lost cause when he barely let me put his costume on. hehe. He was still a dang cute pirate.

Brian said that the eye patch was so big it looked like a surgical mask. haha. I couldn't stop thinking all night that that's what it looked like.

Eating crepes. These girls LOVE chocolate banana crepes.

Xoe performing her hit song, "You're the One That I Want" for the fans.

Cute, cute Elphaba doin the Cake Walk. Look how blue her eyes are. I did nothing to the coloring of these pictures.

Throwin' it! "Wuz Uuuup" is what she was sayin. Who are these girls?
Spencer walking with Daddy...he loves holding onto only one of Brian's fingers.

Walking with Xoe. He was in heaven just walking around the church without even stopping. Greaaaat. I foresee some good exercise for me chasing him around.

I love this next picture. When he was holding on to both mine and Brian's hands, he would look up every so often and just stare at us. It melted me.

Playin games....notice the diaper is gettin pretty obscene at this point.

And the last picture...Brian took the picture and said, "Now that's what I call a Pirate Booty". Wooooow....hahahah.

Like always, we have lots more parties to go to. We can't wait! Happy Halloween!


Alicia said...

Oh my good gosh! I laughed out lod at Spencer and his diaper. So funny.
And I have to tell you that your kids are so cute. Those girls just keep getting prettier and prettier and that Spencer--well... nuff said.
Love it!

Beth said...

We just got back from our Ward Halloween Trunk or Treat. How awesome is the Church??? When you move half way around the world and you have the same activities!!

I love the pictures....Spencer's diaper picture will have to be in his wedding video one day. Soooooo funny!

Rachel said...

all the costumes are awesome!! so glad you found something for spencer and that you were able to squeeze him into it! that diaper booty is too funny!! it reminds me of nacho libre when he's leaning against a post in front of the nun squeezing his cheeks together showing off his expensive clothes. remember? you MUST have him be nacho libre one of these years!

{leah} said...

That diaper is really funny!!! How was it tryin to get the green paint off?

Glad you are enjoying your time!

. said...

my FAVORITE characters...Sandi and Elohaba! YAY! Love it! and you both look times!

rustie was a pirate too...