Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Guess What We're Doing This Weekend?

Anyone want to go to Darmstadt with us to the REAL Frankenstein castle? Muhahahahaha!!!

How excited do you think I am about this!!! And when I showed Brian the link, all he said was, "Oh we're GOING to that!"

PLEASE do me a favor and click on this link and read about all the fun to be had at the castle. Their site is way cool. Think "Knott's Scary Farm" but even scarier. And even though it's super scary, they do a "Kunder Halloween" which means they gear it down for kids.

They also do Murder Mystery Dinners, have a spooky restaurant, and lots of other shows (Mad Scientist Experiments, Dracula, reenactment of Frankenstein, etc.)

Here are some comments given by people who have been to it and posted on a site about things to do in Germany.

"If you're in Germany this Halloween, check out the real Frankenstein Castle in Muhltal, Germany. They have special Haunted Castle nights around Halloween. How cool's that? To be able to spend Halloween night in the real Frankenstein Castle?? This is the old castle that does Halloween parties, mystery dinner parties and tours, all built around the legend of Mary Shelley's 'Frankenstein'."

"Hello. Well me and my wife went to the castle last night for the annual Halloween get together. We live in Mannheim Germany. The castle dates back hundreds of years and is the castle Mary Shelly wrote about. Research the Burg Frankenstein on the inernet and you will find it quite interesting. We had a great time last night. The castle is ruins, but is 90 percent intact. They had people dressed up as monsters in the courtyard chasing you around as you toured the castle's perimeter. They had a show too, a re-enactment of how Frankenstein was brought to life. A good time we had. Greg."

Wish us luck!!! Oh, and Spencer will not be going. "Muahahahahaha! He's alive!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"


Randi said...

How fun for you. I would cry like a little girl, but you go and have a blast. Can't wait to hear what you think of it.

Vanessa said...

That is too much fun! Can you take pictures in there? And if you can, will you please post them here? Very cool! Have fun!

Rachel said...


Kerstin said...

Good to see you're in a "festive" mood! Coul you mail me the site on which everyone writes what to do in Germany? That would be interesting!

Kelli C said...

I'm so jealous!! I just got back from Knotts Scary Farm and it was a lot of fun but a night at Frankenstein's castle...now that is how to celebrate Halloween!!

Erin said...

AWESOME!!! I would love to do that. I just went with Kelli to Knott's Scary Farm and had a blast. I love stuff like that! Now I have something else to add to my list of things to do!!