Saturday, February 6, 2010

Happy 11th Birthday

How we spent the girls' 11th Birthday on February 4, 2009...

Jamba Juice...

I picked them up from Chris's school (their dad) and planned to take them to their favorite obsession, "Jamba Juice". Little did I know it would take us an hour and a half to find it after my navigation led us on a wild goose chase. And I have never lived in Utah so I knew nothing about where anything was, or how their Norths, Souths, Easts, and Wests streets mean. We ended up at the one the furthest away from where we needed to be...but they were in heaven...and that's all that mattered. They said, "this is better than waking up to you singing 'Happy Birthday' and a homemade breakfast" (which is what I try to usually do. Wow, I'm gonna do Jamba Juice more often.)

Otis's Veterinarian Appointment...

Had to take the dog (I kindly, in my head, refer to him as "The Dumb Dog", but don't let the girls hear me say that cuz they love him like their own baby) to the vet to get a microchip and rabies shot. Yes, we had to do it in Utah. Cuz otherwise we'd miss the cutoff date and not be able to take him with us to Germany. And to the girls (not me) that would be a horrible thing. hahaha.

Nicole's Craft Salon

Headed back to Nicole's (Brian's sister) house to get their "craft on". Nicole is so amazingly crafty and ALWAYS has something to do for the girls. The girls are always begging me to go to her house cuz they have such a fun time with her. This time they made watches, and headbands...her birthday gift to them.

Walmart Party Supplies

Then it was on to Walmart to shop for the party and for their birthday presents. Yes, I had to do this the day of cuz I had barely rolled in the night before about 9:30 p.m. I had them pick out party supplies, their own cakes, and all their presents then told them to walk away so I could buy them what I decided. It was fun. But a little hectic. Especially since by the time we were finished we only had about an hour to go home and pack everything up. Whew! But us Schultz's...we know how to work the best when it's last minute. :)

Now it's off to find a babysitter (thanks to Wendy!) and get ready for their party at "Sammy's". That'll be my next post.


Randi said...

Jamba Juice was my obsession when I was in college. I am glad that we don't have them in SV because I have saved myself some serious cash now that I am not tempted.

Xanthe Villa said...

Hey MOM He's not dumb ( hehehehehe )
This time you can't hide it, a blog can do a lot of things MOM.