Monday, February 22, 2010

Heather's Shower


I had nothing to do with this bridal shower. But it was so amazing I had to post the pictures I had. My sisters and Heather's friends put this one. I have to say I was totally loving the whole thing.

This shower got rained out too. So they had to move it to a church building. But how amazing did they make it look?

The theme was "Tie the Knot" so everything revolved around it. Napkins were in knots, the rolls were tied in knots, the lettuce wraps had a green onion wrapped around it to hold it together and then tied in a knot. It was very fun and the food was amazing! Girls, I need recipes!

And of course, a picture of Jacque and I. I'm usually behind the camera, so I thought I'd get a quickie of us together. hehe.


Randi said...

I love the theme idea! Everything looked so great. I am glad that everything worked out despite the rain.

I like your hair like that. Did you use curlers or an iron?

Alicia said...

How cool is your family? Really... Wow.
P.S. You look hott.

Alicia said...

With two t's.

amber buhrley said...

Can I just copy this whole post and move it to my blog?