Friday, February 26, 2010

Gettin Ready...

I've posted a lot about my brother and sister's wedding. But what I REALLY want to post now goes along with another aspect I love about weddings. Everyone getting ready for the big day. I never capture pictures and I'm always so bummed when I don't. I'm so glad this time I brought my camera up to Hearst Ranch (the location of Heather's wedding) to catch on film all the amazing people who helped the few days leading up to the big day. These pictures, to me, are funner than the actual professional wedding pictures. Is that strange?

And even with all these pictures, it still is not a full representation of the numbers of family and friends who were actually involved in this wedding. From our dad's crews of people who were there days in advance, including the cooks, to our Uncle Steve who was supposed to originally just bring a few things to set up, when he ended up rearranging the whole hall to get close to the look Heather was going for when we realized we were going to be rained out. And to the amount of support from James' family...his aunt, his parents, his uncles who homemade the amazing Italian sauces, sausages and a lot of other food for the event. It always touches me when people come together to make something like this happen. Probably cuz it really shows how many people are willing to sacrifice their time and efforts...all because they love the people who are getting married.

K. Have fun with all the pictures. I love that there are so many pictures of this cute place. It has so much character, don't you think?

James and Nelson getting up in the trees to hang lights.

Xanthe, Xoe, Lindsey and Penny helping to unwrap suckers for the Lollipop Station. These girls were the best bridesmaids for Heather.

James' mom, Denise and his aunt, Alysia transforming the place.

Sisters! Me, Amber and Heather...Ruth, Nan & Nikki were there in spirit. Katie's tribute is down below.

Amber, you rocked at the corsages and boutonnieres. I know you did a ton of other stuff too. But seriously...making bouts/corsages = serious love. They are one of my least favorite things to do. Oh! And look, there are the white blue-bell type flowers I mentioned in my last post I thought we didn't get pictures of.

Xanthe & Xoe "Junior Bridesmaids" arranging the cafe table budvases.

Heather is actually getting in on the action.

Awww...lovebirds taking a little ride together. :)

My serious partner in crime and BFF (well BFC "Best Freakin Cousin"), Jacque. I love when she comes to help. Not only can I count on her to just "do it" without needing to describe things to her, but she was my emotional support as well. Thank you Jacque for being there. :)

This was the girls' favorite moment with Heather this day, I think. Their next favorite was being able to go to get pedicures and lunch with the rest of the bridesmaids. They really miss James and Heather.

Alysia's cute family...hubby and son, Nolan.

Heather getting ready to leave for the temple.

Katie Rocks! Not only did she come up to help with her darling little girl Ruby, she helped me arrange babysitting for Spencer. You have no idea how much that helped.

I think this next shot is my favorite of the WHOLE day. Not only was I so freakin happy and pleasantly surprised the Hearst Ranch had their own citrus trees for us to use for the "orange" centerpieces, but check out Amber truckin it out there to pick more. Harrison did the first round but I didn't get pictures of those. I still laugh when I see these pictures. You rock, Amber. She was also my partner-in-crime yet again. You did so much for this wedding Amber. But I will always remember you climbing into the trees to be an orange picker.

At one point in the afternoon, this whole "party" showed up. Our aunt Linda and her daughters and granddaughter... Kristen, Sharon, Stacy, Stacy's husband, etc. Oh and don't forget Aunt Lynnae who brought her own party with her, cuz she's a party girl at heart!

Then our Aunt DeAnne showed up with my other aunts, Karen and Cheryl and Cheryl's daughter Melissa. I think Aunt Dianne even made an appearance with Uncle Rick. Did I miss anyone?

And I also have to give props to Nan and Heather Williams who saved my life with babysitting Spencer. That was a huge load off my shoulders. I don't think I thanked you enough.

It was definitely a blast with everyone there. Oh, and lest we forget the oreo brownies Amber made for all of us, as well as our In-N-Out lunch to top it off. Unforgettable memories, I tell you.


Randi said...

I am so amazed at how many people showed up to help out. You have such an amazing family!

Alicia said...

I love all these prep pics... and I love the orange ranunculas.
Well done. :)

heather said...

thank you for this post. i was helping that day, in spirit, by watching the kids, so it's fun to see these pictures. i loved the flowers!!! you know ranunculas are my fave! i have had fresh ranunculus flowers in my house since heather's wedding, inspired by your amazing job.

Heather said...

thanks for posting was fun to see who was behind the scenes. Now i know who to write thank you cards too! :)