Saturday, February 6, 2010

Party at SAMMY'S

My brother owns a diner called Sammy's in Provo, UT...

Xoe & Xanthe are obsessed with it...

Probably cuz it's chic, popular and a fun atmosphere... it's got such a retro feel to it. Most of it's customers are college students, newlyweds and young families. Not to mention the food is amazing. Some of the recipes are Sam's own concoctions. And the artsy painted walls, as well as the polaroid pictures of it's many guests totally make up for the fascination to keep people coming back all the time. So, of course the girls love it. They're totally "into" that sort of thing...

And they love Sam...

Cuz they think he's famous...he's hooked the girls up to see Raven, Ashley Tisdale, Hannah Montana, Blue Man Group and The Jonas Brothers. They're still dying to get a meet-and-greet with David Archuleta, one of Sam's "peeps." Oh and Sam wants me to let them believe he really IS famous. :) Well, one day he just might be...

And I just went off on a tangent...

So, Sam and I thought it would be fun to throw the girls a birthday party at Sammy's since I would be in town that day. We had fun dance music and introduced Xoe & Xanthe's Birthday Cake Shakes (similar to Sammy's' Real Pie Shakes and Cupcake Shakes). We're hoping "Xoe & Xanthe's Birthday Cake Shakes" become a permanent placement at Sammy's....

And thanks to Facebook and text messages, we had a great group of people show up...

Here are pictures for your enjoyment...

(Remember my last post? They picked this cake out themselves.)

Keep watching for The Birthday Sign... It was mandatory for guests to take a picture with the Xoe & Xanthe Birthday Sign...

(The girls and their dad "Chris")

(The Martins...Brian's sister's family... oh, and Ainsley, Sam's daughter, was a permanent fixture by X&X's side so you'll see her in a lot of pictures)

(Aunt Steph...)

(Taylor Martin)

(Emmalee Knapp Uipi and Buffy cousins)

(Sammy & Ainsley)

(Outside waiting to greet people)

(The Three of Us...what's up with the color on this picture? I clearly messed around with it...and I should stop.)

(Joey Martin)

(Kimball & Joey Martin)

(Jenn, Copeland & Ellie Nelson)

(Taylor & Sheldon Martin...Nicole's husband)

Sammy, the Founder

Xoe posing with her gift from Aunt Jenny. What a great gift, huh? It was dollar bills tied to a licorice rope.

(Wendy & Avery Smith...thanks wendy for working wonders and getting me a babysitter and being my sanity check...haha)

At this point in the night, I made Ellie and Avery show me their cheer routine that they were on their way to perform at the High School.

Had to get this picture of Jennifer getting involved. hahaha. Amazing. Can you say Aunt Cheryl?

Can you guys believe this chick showed up? 100 points if you guys can guess who it is from my past? Totally reconnected on Facebook. I had the funnest time reminiscing, as well as meeting the 3 kids she's had since we lost touch. Love her...and her family!

Cake Time!!!!

More People Pictures...

(Xoe & Ellie)

Sam & Jenn...I had to get both these pictures...cuz look how amazing their faces are...

(Yes, Otie joined the party after awhile.)

(The Koffords and Knapps stopped by too!)

(Chance, Wendy & Jenn)

(Hunter Kofford)

Present Time...

(Can you tell they're obsessed with Michael?)

(Wii Karaoke & Mario)

Ainsley ate probably 15 huge gumballs that night. HAD to get a picture of it. And she even had one at the time of this picture.

Dance Time
And of course, what would a party be without some dancing, and the Hoedown Throwdown Line Dance. I was impressed Xanthe knew it so well. And Hunter and Chance were holding their own too!

Afterward, Sam invited the girls to sleep at his house. Amazing. Look for tomorrow's post of all we did to spend the day with Sam. Ya, I said SPEND THE DAY. He's so much more available now that he's married. Woohoo!


Randi said...

That looks like the coolest birthday party. I wish I could meet your famous brother some day and have him throw me a party! HaHa. Happy Birthday girls. I am glad you had so much fun.

stacy said...

what a fun day!v makes me wish i was visiting utah just so that i could have gone. i always forget that the twins and jenna have the same birthday...every year! :)

how do you know kristie??? we grew up in the same stake together and her dad was my singles ward bishop. i feel like i've seen you together before and i can't remember why.