Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kindred Spirits

Isn't it funny that there are so many people we meet every day and we never click with any of them? And then every once in awhile you meet someone that right off you just know is a kindred spirit. I have quite a few of those friends. And each one is so different and means so much to me.

Well, meet Alicia. She is Blaine's wife. Blaine is one of Brian's good friends from back in their college days. And they've stayed friends for years...playing online games together, talking computer language (that I'm sure Alicia has no idea sometimes, like me with Brian, what Blaine is talking about when he throws out random computer jargon). But for as much as Brian and Blaine talk, how did it take 2 1/2 years after us both getting married to friends to realize we were kindred spirits?

I seriously love this girl. We hardly ever get to see each other, but bond by way of technology...blogging, emailing, texting, etc. We bond over literature, kids, travel, life, and everything else random that you can think of, we love talking about it. We also have a mutual subject that has to do with both our husband's obsession, I mean love, for random and new-up-and-coming technology. They are so funny with all the things they buy. But we don't complain. Cuz they get us trinkets too. Amazing phones, laptops, and GPS's, etc. And Alicia...Not many people know what "Vent" means, and not many people have to share their husbands with Vanguard, or WoW, or whatever else they're all playing. It's quite funny the random topics we realize we can talk about that goes above what other girlfriends talk about.

But even though Alicia and I don't see each other very much, every time we're together, it just feels so at ease, like we've known each other for forever. Or maybe it's just Alicia. She's just so warm and friendly and amazing that she makes everyone feel that way. Whatever it is, I'm so glad to call her my friend.

Thanks Alicia for going out with me so last minute when I was in Utah in February to Mimi's Cafe for brunch. I LOVE LOVE LOVE brunch and Mimi's is the perfect place for it. And what better way to have brunch than in good company like Alicia.

I can't wait for us to all live closer to each other so we can all hang out more, including Jakey & Spencer, who are only a few months apart. And I'm way excited to meet your new little baby girl, Sarah. Weird to think the next time I see you, baby Sarah will already be here.

Lots of love Alicia!

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Alicia said...

Um... I'm totally crying. I love you too, Christy. Thank you for this sweet post. I totally don't deserve the praise, but please know that I feel exactly the same way about you. Kindred spirits... bosom friends. You rock! Thank you for being my friend even though you are way cooler than me and living so far away in a much more glamorous life.
Few people can understand and appreciate all the tech-geek-chic that is our married-couples world AND love an aspartame-caffeine-induced-liquid-romance the way we do.
Love, love, love you!