Sunday, February 28, 2010

Family 11th Birthday Party

Now that I've seen some really cool Blog Books, I'm really excited to have mine printed some day soon. Which means there may be a few posts that pop up that may not interest everyone, but I want in there to document our year. (And I know one of the girls already put up some of the same pictures. So those of you who can view her blog... You can skip this post if you want.)

This is our Family Birthday Party we had in California when we were there for Heather's wedding. We have a few cousins who celebrate their birthdays in February and March so we decided to make it a joint party. Heather's wedding was the night before so we were all not looking forward to putting on another big "to do" party. We were all in favor of keeping it very lowkey.

The Birthday Kids
Max (9), Xoe (11), Rocky (6) and Xanthe (11)


And if you didn't know, "Lowkey" to us means: using Grammy's St. Patrick's Day/Mardis Gras hats and necklaces and decorations... as well as the birthday decorations from her "Birthday Box"... reusing one of the layers of Heather's wedding cakes that didn't get eaten, and writing all the kids' names on it with storebought brown icing...and putting a #6 candle (and a few other random candles on it) for them to blow out...I think they were trick candles too... come on, that's what the Schultz family is all about.

What else? Oh! Playing Pin-the-Tail-on-the-Donkey game that Nan already had probably from her Birthday Box...I can't really remember where she got it. I'm just glad she had it. And the prize was??? We had no idea when we started the game. So, we hurried and pulled out a dollar from someone's purse. Remember? Lowkey.

When Max, the 9 year old, cheated to win, his comment about the prize was, "Come on! A Dollar! I should have lost!" haha. Oh how times have changed. Especially cuz during present opening time, he made out with something like $55 and a few toys, and the girls made out with $45 and a bunch of clothes, headbands and jewelry. Rocky scored on a ton of toys and some bank too, I just don't remember how much!

Max swears he wasn't cheating...but check out this series of pictures while he's lifting his head to look under the blindfold. hahaha. We were all cracking up! Love you Max!

Present Opening

And of course what would a family party without some kind of shenanigans going on in the background?

Well here it is...

RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE PARTY, my brother-in-law Matt, who has already earned his Dentist degree, has gone back to school to become an Endodontist (a Root Canal Specialist) and are living with my parents while finishing. He had to do some experiment on Ferret ?? teeth (was that what kind of animal, Matt?). And THAT NIGHT he had to change the solution and grind them down before the next day. What we were wondering was, why right at that time, and not hour later when everyone was gone and the kids were down for bed?

All I know is... right in the middle of present opening, during the chaos of everyone screaming and gathered in the dining room next door, I open the garage door open to find this scene laid out before me...

I am STILL laughing remembering it. I had to call everyone over one at a time to witness it. My dad and Scott got the biggest kick out of it. They kept going back out there to watch him. I think my dad was laughing so hard tears were forming. We're still scratching our heads wondering how he did it in the environment he was in. hahahhaaha. Now that's dedication.

Let me show you once again if you didn't get a clear picture of what is really going on. This next picture is a little bit more panned out.

He's in the middle of a cluttered garage (before it got cleaned up...not to worry Amber...I gotcha back. She tries to keep it organized), with a food fridge and 2 freezers next to him, a set-up ladder, a full L-shaped wrapping table that he is hitting his butt on as he's leaning over, all the decorations from Sam's wedding stacked up behind him, and his experiment table is on top of a catering food hot box. What you can't see are two dogs walking around in the tiny space by his feet. One big dog, and one yappy chihuahua puppy who has been probably barking the whole time.
I think this picture will keep me laughing for years.


Randi said...

I love "low key" birthday parties. I also love blog books and I can't wait to see how yours turns out. I am almost done with Brenna's. I could push the order button any time but for some reason I am afraid that there will be something I want to change as soon as I do.

Beth said...

This story had me laughing!! I love big crazy families...where something exciting is happening all the time in every room of the house, even in the garage!

Thanks for sharing!

amber buhrley said...

I dont know how I missed this post or how I forgot completely about it. But I love the pictures and love that you took pictures. I need to blog this so that it can someday be remembered in my blog book about our stay at the schultz house.