Saturday, July 3, 2010

Blogging Schmlogging

It's official. I've sucked at blogging this year. I just looked and I've only written 41 posts out of the roundabout 190 days that we've had this year. I have no reasons why, yet I have a thousand reasons. I think it's probably cuz I added it to my To Do List so it became not fun anymore. Then I busied myself up and haven't had time for much of anything. Did I also mention that my Time Management skills are seriously lacking, as well as my Self-Discipline and Motivation skills. Add those things together, then top it off my with Adult ADD (I'm not kidding folks), and you've got one lazy, unaccomplished girl. haha.

I actually have DONE a lot, but it's been mostly "playing". When I said I haven't accomplished much, you'd know what I meant if you looked at my house and saw my To Do List that I ignore almost every day. I'm having a blast here in Germany with all my new BFF's who have been getting me out of the house! It's been grand. I love all the friends I've made and all the great things we're doing here. And that makes blogging overwhelming...cuz I have SO much to blog about.

So! Rest assured that I'll be writing and posting pictures a lot in the near future. My sisters, mom and loads of friends have been emailing me to get an update. Gals, do you mind if I just lump all your responses into blog posts? haha. (I'm working on my Multi-Tasking skills as well.)

Til tomorrow!

(Oh and let me clarify, I still READ all of your blogs. I may not comment, but I read! And I LOVE EVERY SINGLE ONE. It makes me feel like I'm there with you and it has helped not make me homesick. Your blogging doesn't go unappreciated.)

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