Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Out & About at Mainz Hallenbad

So, here's where I prove to you that I was getting everyone to come with me to the swimming  pools.  On this day, my friend Lindsey and I organized the Out & About Group to go.  The Out & About Discovery Group is a church group we started to explore all the cool things in our area.  Usually we go to castles, tour little towns, or go out to dinner in a downtown German area.  But also part of the group was to show everyone things you could do with your families in the area, so they would love this place as much as she and I did.  So!  This was one of the activities.  We had such a great time and had a great turnout!

This is when we discovered the indoor pool which was A.MA.ZING!  Spencer loved it.  I need to get pictures next time.

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