Saturday, July 10, 2010

Summer Lovin'

A Few of the Things to Combat Summer Boredness

Since we didn't go back to the states for the summer, we had to fill our time with lots of activities. Since there are a lot of things to do over here in Germany, it was a matter of juggling when we could do everything.  We made a huge posterboard of "Outside Activities," "Indoor Activities," and "Trips" and then tried plugging them into the calendar.  There were many days where we did inside activities when it was apparent we just needed a break to stay home and get our sanity back... to just vegge... always a good thing, right?

I didn't post pictures of everything, but here are a few things we did.

The girls are very artistic and love drawing, painting and creating.  You can get these color by number pictures that have the tiniest areas to paint inside. The girls have painted probably ten of these.  They can't get enough and definitely have the patience for it.  Xanthe mainly worked on this one, but Xoe helped her at one point when Xanthe was too nervous about a certain "mix" of color and shaded area (I tell you, these aren't just your basic "color-by-number.")

I can't seem to get this picture to turn. I uploaded it twice.  Sorry.  I left it though so you could see the details.


Part of their creating is obsessing about fashion and their fashion designs.  They buy books with model outlines to design things, they make their own clothes, and they play online fashion games.  This one is called Stardoll they've been playing for about two years.  I never really knew how into it they were until last Christmas when I, on a whim, gave them the full six-month membership.  That was the "present that ruined Christmas."  They didn't want to do anything else.  They create girls, wherein they earn points for creating and selling designs to other friends, which then they can buy more fashions and design their own suites.  I have been seriously impressed with their creativity.  It's fun too because they get to go shopping at a "high-end" mall with famous designers, "Stella McCartney," "DKNY," and brands I've never even heard of (but that's not saying much cuz I don't know a lot about fashion designers.)  The girls are so familiar with these designers and brands that when we've gone traveling and they've seen their labels or stores, they start telling me what kinds of clothes that person sells/markets.  I figure it's a great teaching tool for what they want to do when they grow up.  I definitely have it in my not-so-far future to find private art lessons for them.

More Painting
So, I was sick of washing a ton of cups.  It seemed I was constantly washing 25 cups every day.  So, I went through and gifted almost all to charity (any that didn't match) then bought a new set of glass cups.  I already had glass enamel paint so I had everyone paint two of their own cups.  They have to use these throughout the day. If it was dirty, they have to clean it out.  Anyway, there are a ton up in my cupboard and I didn't get Xoe painting any, but this is Xanthe's.  See? I told you they're creative.

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