Friday, July 16, 2010

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

As much as I would like to admit I'm fluent in German for being over here already 1 1/2 years, I can't.  I have had the desire (I even had a German book in my car), and yes have learned a few phrases, but with all my traveling back to the states, taking care of the kids, my health, and getting the magazine started, I just never did.  I also had a hard time thinking of going to class one night a week when the girls are so dang busy every night.  I then got discouraged that I only have a short time left and there was no way I was going to become fluent.  So I gave up.

But, I realized that even if I only learn a little bit, at least I can be proud of myself that I did.  So, I'm going to enroll in German 1, it's only 6 weeks and I can see where to go from there.

Over the summer, the girls and I participated in a German class the missionaries for our church were holding. It was funny to me that the girls knew more than I did.  They were taking down all these notes, repeating the German numbers and tenses perfectly and flying by me.  They had already been learning in school and really loved being there. Unfortunately, the night they were holding it kept getting overscheduled and we weren't able to finish it out.  But here are some pictures of us studying, studying!

Wow! I'm being really brave for posting this picture of me.  Keep in mind, this was during the summer (funny how tan the girls are next to me), VERY hot, and no air conditioning in the church.

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Randi said...

I think that is so great! I need to brush up so we can talk in German when you get back. Don't feel bad that the girls seem to know more than you do, kids learn languages faster than adults.