Sunday, July 4, 2010

Army 4th of July Celebration

The army base here in Wiesbaden holds a few celebrations throughout the year. One of them is a 4th of July Celebration.  They have a bounce houses, rides, bumper cars, boxing matches, a DJ, food, pony rides, and  a train track.

Can you tell by the amount of water he drank, and his red face, how hot it was?

The American and German flag.  we're standing in front of the boxing ring.

We actually had been invited beforehand to one of the girls' friend's houses by their parents for a big party they were having.  It was really fun.  A huge potluck, water games, volleyball.  The girls left (like teenagers) to go to the army celebration down the street.  We met them there, saw them for a little while and then left them with their friends. That's why I don't have any pictures of them here.

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Heather said...

im having fun reading and catching up on your life these past couple of months haha ps your skirt is cute!