Sunday, July 4, 2010

Spencer's 2nd Birthday

First off, we had Spencer's 2nd Birthday on June 16th. We did things a bit untraditional this year. Because I was so sick (see previous post), we didn't do much of anything. But we felt a little guilty not doing ANYTHING for him. So, Brian went to Baskin Robbins for an ice cream cake and we put a couple candles on it and called it good. We did presents and a celebration at different times also...those posts soon to come.

He was super excited for the cake. He kept reaching for it and Xanthe was teasing him by not giving it to him.

But by the time we put it on his tray, he was a little unsure. He sort of touched the top and just started licking his fingers.

I realized that he didn't want to dig in with his hands cuz at home and daycare we've been working on getting him to eat everything with a fork or spoon.

Once we handed him a fork, he went to town and demolished the entire top of the cake. This was, of course, after we tried giving him one measly little piece which he wanted nothing to do with. So we cut ourselves each a piece and made him happy by handing the whole cake back to him. No joke, by the time we made him "put down the fork, Spencer" the whole top layer was gone. He would have kept going. Cuz who doesn't love ice cream cake, right?

One quick admission to you about this day...I had been looking forward to his birthday for about a week. I couldn't believe my little boy was going to be 2 years old. Even the day before I was sort of freaking out. But then I got sick and ACTUALLY forgot about the whole thing. I was even complaining to Jacque (my cousin) that same morning that I bailed on his daycare (cuz I didn't feel good) and now I lost a few free hours of freedom. It was then that I realized it was his birthday and here I was trying to get rid of my own son on his birthday! I felt like the most horrible mother. And even though I was sick, I pushed through it to spend some quality time with him...I let him watch whatever movie he wanted...I mean we played puzzles and trains. heehee.

I love you "Baby Spencer." I guess you're not a baby anymore, are ya? That makes me so sad but I still love you more and more and more each day!


Kerstin said...

maybe you should do a BHE... Kidding! As much as I love to be entertained and your family probably wants to hear that you're doing fine I think that you should enjoy your time and definitly not worry about blogging!

Kerstin said...

And I wanted to comment on the previous post.

Nan said...

Myles LOVES baskin Robbins ice cream cake. He actually prefers a very specific order: mint chip, LOG ice cream cake with fudge icing. it's taken a few years and wrong ones to get it right! Happy Birthday Spencer..

heather said...

they have baskin robin's in germany? i wouldn't want to eat an ice cream cake with my hands either, but give me a fork and i bet i could finish the whole thing in one sitting too. happy birthday spencer!