Saturday, June 25, 2011

EDIS Day at park

Spencer is receiving help from EDIS... Early Development Integration Specialist for his speech.  During the summer they have a park day every other week with bubbles, colored water spray bottles, a water table and an obstacle course.  It all takes place at a park so they have those things to play with too.  It was so great and we had so much fun.  I was really impressed with the support we get over here.

What do you think he did when he saw this train tunnel? Would you be surprised to hear whether it was his favorite thing to play with that day?  I think not.

He was so excited in this picture because they had just handed us a flyer for a new playroom on base for toddlers decorated with Sesame Street. He was sitting there pointing at all the characters.


Randi said...

That is great that you are finding good support for him...and I think you just found his new playground. I bet he could stay in that train all day!

Kerstin said...

I believe that the pictures really show his personality!