Saturday, June 25, 2011

Speyer Technik & Going Away Party

So, two days later... after "Holiday Park", the girls went with the Youth Center to a place called Speyer Technik. This was also a place we had been to before and the girls really liked it.  They were stoked to go back but then it kind of was a little boring the second time around.  They didn't take any pictures except for on the way of... guess who? Yup, self portraits of Xoe.  haha.  This post is totally going to embarrass her.

She told me this one was because she liked how she did her makeup and wanted to be able to do it again. I love that girl. :)
 Speyer Technik Museum was on a Thursday.  The next night they went to a going away party for a friend Noni (pronounced Nawny).  It was full of friends, junk food and, of course...

...Justin Bieber.  These two pictures are only 2 of probably 15 that were on their camera.  They don't totally swoon over him like their friends do, but I thought it was funny they took pictures of all the presents Noni had received.

And guess who???

All the friends!!!

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Randi said...

HAHAHA I LOVE that you included not one...not two...but TONS of her pictures! She is totally going to kill you in a few years for this!