Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Step Performance Team Talent Show

As many of you know, the girls tried out at the beginning of the year for a performance team called "The Goal'Den Steppers."  

They started out with a few more girls, but a couple had to move back to the states and I think one other one was too busy.  By the end of the school year, it was six of them. They also started out a little rough as a team, but by the time this performance came along, they were pretty tight.  

(This is the cover of the Talent Show Program. They go to Wiesbaden Middle School)

This performance was their last of the year.  It was for the school talent show, so you can imagine how scared they were to perform in front of their peers, but I think because they had already done quite a few other performances in the past, they hid their nerves really well.  They were left as the last number, and it's my personal opinion (not just as their mom, but from someone who has put together many shows like this, and basing my opinions after watching a majority of the other performances before they went on) that their group was absolutely the best and that's why they were saved for last. There were a few mess ups, but all in all, from out in the audience (the angle of the video camera wasn't exactly the right spot, but hey! whatev) they looked tight. 

I'm EXTREMELY proud of them.  There were some rough moments, some tears, some serious stage fright and a few run-ins with the teacher and the other kids, but I am so proud of them for not letting all of these things stop them from doing something they are really good at.  They really are. They've got some serious rhythm and I've tried learning the steps... let's just say they didn't inherit their coordination from me.

I know it's a 5 minute video but it's worth every minute. And at the end, it's a bit of a buzz kill. The talent show people kicked them off because school was about to end when they hadn't even gotten to their hardest and best steps.  So, you'll they had to just walk off, when they had a whole routine prepared to call out their "stage names".  Xanthe and Xoe's were "Oompa" and "Loompa". I may try to see if I have more videos of their individual steps at their other performances that were the harder ones.  You'll also be able to see from earlier videos their "real" costumes.  It seemed every performance, one more item of clothing came off.  They had these cool knit beret hats that they wore in the back and some black leg warmers (they actually looked really cool) and a cool silver scarf.  They just looked really stylish.  

I'm really proud of Xanthe too.  She was really nervous to start the whole performance.   I think this video started about halfway through because I remember it being longer than this.  She was worried to be doing a whole solo part.  This was her first time leading the whole group. But she did awesome!

Okay enough about the all my caveats and feelings.  This is a great performance. 



amber buhrley said...

wow! That was truly amazing! My kids loved watching it! I had no idea they were that good. I wish you would have put up videos forever ago. I wasnt even able to truly appreciate it when you would tell me stories. Way to go xoe and xanthe! you do have rhythm! I dont think I could have kept up!

Casting Online said...

Wow what a show :)