Sunday, June 19, 2011

Father's Day

This is an old post... I never posted anything about the summertime, which was a very busy time of year.  I don't have pictures from everything so I'll post what I can. I know a few of you have asked how the girls' trip was back to the states so I'll try to get as many pictures off of all the sources they were taken from.

The girls' last day of school was June 16, Spencer's actual birthday (but we didn't celebrate until later... but if you'll remember, this was the same day I took Spencer on a day of his own.) They had an "end of the year celebration" that I don't have pictures from, but they said it was boring so no biggie.  The next few days they just hung out at the Youth Center. 

June 19 was Father's Day.  Wanna hear how we celebrated?  Brian and I used the concert tickets I bought him for his birthday a month before.  To none other than "The Eagles."  Brian told me a few years ago that he really liked the band and my sister Amber helped me get him their new CD at the time.  It's been in his car since and I knew he would love to see them in concert, especially since it was happening right in our downtown area.  

It really was a great time.  We ate dinner across the street at one of our favorite restaurants downtown.  All the streets were blocked off for a street fair so the whole place was packed. And as much as I don't know all of their songs, The Eagles are a timeless band and put on a really great concert.  Perfect way to spend Father's Day.

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Randi said...

I love that you remembered a comment he made about liking the Eagles a few years ago. You are such a great listener and a great wife.