Thursday, June 23, 2011

Wiesbaden Beach Soccer

I haven't posted much about the girls and soccer, but with soccer, I can honestly say I think they have found their "thing." They are truly addicted to soccer. Everything is all about soccer and their life revolves around it. They even bring their lunch to school so they can play soccer with all the cool soccer players.  

One opportunity they had recently was to join an American team to go down to our downtown marketplace and play beach soccer against a bunch of German teams. There was a big festival going on downtown for the German Father's Day and some other holiday so they trucked in tons (literally) of sand.  The field was a few feet high made of just sand and it had no outside boundaries.  The wall was the boundary. It was pretty cool.  They played on teams of 4 or 5 and played only 5 minute games against 11 teams

These girls have the most amazing friends. This is Katryn and Christine.  Xoe had a bout with her "medicine" and she was having a lot of stomach cramping. She was in the bathroom for most of the time.  Her friends came to check on her and at one point sat with her on the stairs to watch the game so that she wasn't missing out, and carried her back to the field.  (Oh, and it turns out the reason she kept saying her stomach cramping was super unusual to what she normally has was because we think she had the e.coli thing that was going around here.  The lowkey one.  Brian got it too and they had really horrible stomach cramping.  It didn't help that Xoe then had to take a medicine to exacerbate the problem, but then she got kicked in the stomach which sent her to the ground).

They all got these fun whistles, t-shirts and certificates (which now that I think about it I should have scanned it in for this post).  This is their friend Noni (Nawni) who is a really good player and on the team to go to Austria with a few other American kids to play.  The coach told the girls that he thinks he wants to put them on his team next year. He's been impressed with their playing.

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