Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Holiday Park

Brian was gone again for work this week and it was the girls' last week before they went to Church Girls' Camp and back to the states.  I didn't want them to be bored so I signed them up for a few outings with their Youth Center.  The first one was to an amusement park that we've been to before about an hour away, and they were gone all day.  It was beautiful. :) For them, of course.  

Anyway, this amusement park has one of the fastest roller coasters around. When the family went, I only could go on it one time because it literally lifted me out of my seat for a few seconds... the reason it's called G-Force.  Well the girls were all excited because this time they were tall enough to go on it by themselves.

Their camera ran out of battery right when they got there so they only got a few pictures of the bus ride and their lunch.  But it's still fun to see them with their friends.  

Xoe and Shailen

Xoe ummm... takes a lot of these pictures. It's kind of fun to find them on her camera.  

Xanthe and... I think Makayla. They'll have to correct me.

See what I mean? :)

I know this picture is kind of random but it makes me laugh seeing this bottle actually full of what it was really intended for.  Cuz they brought it home and used it for a long time for a lot of random events... soccer, outings, etc.  I finally got sick of looking at it so I threw it away but when I came across this picture I was like, Oh, THAT'S what came in it originally.

Typical German amusement park/festival/Christmas Market/etc./etc. lunch.  

I'm so glad they had fun.  It was great for them to be around their friends, and great for Spencer and I to have some time to do something as well.

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Randi said...

That plate of food takes me back! That red roller coaster looks huge and super fun! I bet they loved going with all of their friends. You are such a cool mom for letting them go without you...I think I will have attachment issues when my kids get older.