Saturday, April 23, 2011

Wiesbaden Military Ward Easter Party

This is our church Easter Party that was on the day before Easter.  It was held at a place called the Fasanerie.  I'm not real sure what it stands for but there are a few around here.  They are amazing parks with tons of trees, wildlife to visit and a bunch of nature paths.  This Fasanerie happened to be about 30 minutes away, so we were all wondering if many people would come. (The reason we had it here was because many people from the church live out in this town... our church boundaries are very big considering our members are part of the military community).

Yes, even a zipline. The guy in the blue shirt was our bishop.

This is what Spencer did most of the time. Genius to whomever brought sand toys.

I'm part of the "Primary," which is the organization that oversees the little children.  We were asked to take care of the games.  So, we planned an Easter egg hunt, for which I recruited the Youth group and missionaries to help hide 700 eggs.

This is Xanthe helping Morgan and Elder ____ (can't remember) hide the 1-3 year old eggs.  We had a separate area for them so they wouldn't get run over by the bigger kids.

This game was a relay race, similar to "Simon Says."

This game was the spoon carry.  (We split them into age groups and then rotated.)  They had to all line up and then race to balance a decorated Easter egg on the end of a spoon without dropping it.

(The little kids racing after we switched. Doesn't that little boy in the red look like Spencer? His name is Sammy and he's more darling than ever.  He reminds me of Spencer a lot.)

My favorite game-water balloons!  I was super excited about this one so we had everyone play at once. They had  to all grab a partner and then line up.  One person had the balloon and when I said, "Go," they pass the water balloon to their partner. Then I say, "Step back!" And both kids take a step back.  Then they throw again, catch, then step back. The further back they get the harder it is to throw and catch without it breaking. We played quite a few rounds of this. They all loved it.  We got the adults, teenagers, little kids and missionaries involved.

Where's Waldo? Do you see me giving instructions to someone who showed up late?

Me having to shout over everyone.

Ummm, Spencer HATED the people breaking the water balloons.  That is an understatement. Brian actually had to take him to the car because he had a meltdown over it.

See Spencer in the back? Brian was taking him to the car.

The kids and teenagers thought it would be funny to hit the bishop with a few balloons. He was such a good sport about it.

Getting ready for the Easter Egg Hunt.  

Xoe is regulating.  Sitting on top of the cooler with the water balloons in it. We couldn't get the kids to switch activities cuz we had so many balloons that they wanted to keep playing.

Start of the Easter egg hunt. I had all the 4 year olds get a running headstart (right after this picture was taken) so they didn't get trampled either. We have about 12 young 4 year olds so I figure they needed the time.

The little ones.

Then they decided to empty the balloons onto me. 

I found some extras and got them back too though.

It was a really great party.  Couldn't have been on a more perfect Spring day and it was fun to hang out with all of our friends.


brittany ann said...

Spencer's shirt is so appropriate for the screaming photo :)

Rachel said...

looks like a great party! is it possible to see from the pictures that the weather was gorgeous? it sure looked like it. lastly, that is one young bishop!

Kerstin said...

The last two pictures are so funny!

A Fasanerie is the place where pheasants are held and kept. Today, there mostly aren't any pheasants, just the name stayed.

felicity & nathaniel said...

Ooh yeah-- I brought the sand toys. :)
This particular fasanarie was where the lord of the gross-gerau schloss kept his wild life (pheasants, etc) and went hunting w/his pals. I love living in Europe! ;)

Charise said...

Okay, I am loving reading your blog posts! Here are my thoughts:
#1 Your bishop looks all of 16 years old. CRAZY
#2 Hilarious that your darling Spencer had the meltdown with people breaking the water balloons. But even funnier... look at his face in that picture. It TOTALLY matches his adorable monster shirt! Hilarious!!
#3 I can't believe you are living in Europe! So Amazing!!
I love you hunnie,
You are a GREAT mom!!!
your cousin,