Wednesday, April 13, 2011


The last time we visited Amsterdam we didn't have a very great experience.  If you'll remember, we ended up in the Red Light District and everything was just so dirty and smelly.  My friend Portia promised to show us a different side to Amsterdam, which was, in fact on the entire opposite side of where were.  There is amazing open air park with a big reflecting pool and surrounded by museums, the Van Gogh Museum, Rijk Museum, I think the Rembrandt Museum and a few others.  We actually had amazing weather so this trip completely changed my opinion of Amsterdam.  

Ummmm, yes, this was a see-through bathroom door.  When you turned it to "lock" it magically went cloudy. It made me so nervous that it was going to malfunction and catch someone on the pot (just as embarrassing to SEE someone on the pot.)  I was so intrigued by this whole concept.

Portia, Xoe, Xanthe & Illi making wishes into the the big pool.

Amsterdam is compared a lot to Venice.  A city of canals, but at least Amsterdam had lots of roads, rail system, cars, etc.  There aren't NEARLY as many canals as Venice, but still lots of them.  And bikes! Bikes everywhere!  Everyone bikes! The bikes were so ugly because they get stolen so easily.  Some places you would see hundreds of bikes and sometimes they were just thrown on top of each other.  So interesting.

(I love red doors)

If I remember correctly, this was the church that Anne Frank could see out of a tiny slit thru her window.  

Her view was kind of like this one. It's a really beautiful church, though isn't it?

Spencer was entertained for a verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry long time chasing these birds. It was pretty addicting to watch him shrieking and giggling and not being scared of them at all and getting really close to them.

Tomorrow: Holland's Tulip Festival, again!


Nan said...

Cute trip- I am very uncomfortable with the last few pictures though.....;)

Kerstin said...

So funny that you based your opinion on the Red District area!