Monday, April 11, 2011

Eurocamp Visit #2-OLD POST


Some of you might remember our last trip to Holland.  When Brittany came over (did I ever explain who Brittany was. I kind of was really busy during the time she was here so I may never have.  I may need to at some point. :), we decided to spend Spring Break in Holland again. Actually, it was Brian's idea.  The kids had loved the amusement park and water park and we loved where we had stayed.  There were a few places we hadn't visited yet when we were there so we thought we'd take another trip.

Here's the beginning of our trip. I posted a lot more details in the post from last year so if you have questions, you can read there too. Brittany took all of these pictures and I think she did an awesome job.  This is our drive up and around the campgrounds.

Also, our cabin was located right next to a park that had some amazing bird houses, ducks/geese that would visit us (probably looking for food), and a great convenience for Spencer and Illi (the daughter of another family who came with us).

Spencer going down the slide with Brittany.  I was too fearful of the heights.

On the cool teeter totter

Eurocamp's mascot. Brittany probably took this because she loves frogs but I loved this picture because these frogs were everywhere, especially loved them next to the trashcans all up and down the walkways.

Brian let the girls rent these to get around the campgrounds since they had drooled over them last time. These were super fun to ride!  I think we just got done packing so excuse my ratty attire.  

I normally wouldn't have posted this cuz of how gross I look but look how fun and beautiful our campgrounds were.  We actually got there one week before the season opened (that's just when our spring break happened to fall), so it was a bit chillier than we wanted AND the Amusement Park was closed (which I was really bitter about for a few hours when I found out).  But the kids had an awesome time at the Water Park and all the free stuff that was opened, as well as touring the cities with us.

Our friend.  Spencer and Illi (who is 6) bonded over feeding this guy.  She was so good with him and they became such great friends.  Portia (her mom) and I started realizing how similar they are, which is why they probably got along so well. 


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Did you get bling teeth?!

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