Thursday, April 14, 2011

Keukenhof-Holland's Festival of Tulips

Great job, Xanthe on choosing such a great cover picture.
Visiting the Keukenhof again was super fun.  This time I didn't feel like I needed to see everything.  And we were there with friends so it was fun all around.  I think this time around more flowers were in bloom as well, even though it was colder.  There are a TON of pictures.  Lots of flower pictures.  I weeded a lot out but there were just some I couldn't. I've been checking my blog stats and I've noticed I have a lot of people looking at my blog for travel purposes.  My post on Neuschwanstein  few years ago is my most popular post. :)  So I figured for them (and me) I wanted to keep a lot of flower pictures so people can see how amazing it is.

Most of these pictures are taken by Brittany. She did a much better job than I did last year.  But the girls took a lot too.  I'll try to label the ones they took.

Xoe's fingers

Xanthe's picture of the map.  Pretty big, huh?

Even though there are a lot of flower pictures, don't check out.  Keep reading. There are a lot of "people pictures" too.

Xanthe being lazy. :)


...and rolling...

... and meltdown.  Not sure what happened. He doesn't usually meltdown like this which is why I posted this picture. It's kind of funny when he does. 

Flower Delivery Cars

This is what the flower beds looked like all over the park


Playin on the stepping stones.  I wouldn't go across. They made me very nervous. If you haven't read my article in Polite Society Magazine about these stepping stones, go here.

They were trying to make me nervous on purpose.  Sheesh.  Any wrong step and they could just fall off.

We ran into so many people while there.  It was our Spring Break so it made sense.  Here the girls are recognizing their Science Teacher, Mrs. Senior.

Illi, Xanthe, Xoe & Mrs. Senior

Xanthe's flower picture- turned out great didn't it?

Another one of Xanthe's flower pictures

Another one of Xanthe's flower pictures

Another one of Xanthe's pictures

These were soooooo good!

Climbing up the windmill

This is the view of the fields from the upper deck of the windmill

One of the look-out points for the maze.  You can see the fields in the background.

This is Illi, our friend Portia's daughter.

Waiting in line for the zipline.

Warning sign to visit the animals.

The kids spent a lot of time in the animal pen.  They fed them, pet them, chased them, were chased BY the animals. It was really fun to watch.  And my 12 year olds were actually afraid of some of the animals. Illi wasn't afraid of any of them. She's like the animal whisperer.

The girls thought these were funny because they were twin sheep.

They spent a lot of time with this calf.  Xanthe was actually afraid of it.

The Orchid Arboretum

Heading home!!!  I wanted these slippers since the last time we came.  Brian surprised me and bought me a pair. :)  They're actually the most comfortable pair of slippers I've ever worn.


Eileen said...

I have to be honest... I found your blog quite awhile ago while I was planning a trip to Germany (which fell through). I keep coming back to see all your visits and travels and your beautiful family! I'm still hoping to go one day but living vicariously through you. So thank you for taking the time and posting all these lovely pictures and being so detailed! You have such a beautiful family! My best to you all. And sorry for the long comment!

Alicia said...

Christy-- these pictures are so great. I love them all.
Sorry that I haven't written you back yet. Life is too crazy.
Anyway, I'm thinking about and your cute family. I love keeping up with you here.

amber buhrley said...

sometimes I forget how amazing it must be for you to live in germany! Then its posts like this that remind me you must see some pretty awesome things! Cant wait to come and visit!

Kerstin said...

I want to go there!