Thursday, January 8, 2009


The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Another late post...But for my own sake, I just needed to put this on the blog. (It's in my plans, they may be far away plans, but they're there...of printing the blog into a book like scrapbooking).

So, most of you know my Bah Humbugness with the Christmas Season (see my Halloween post).

BUT there are a few things I love doing because I know the girls love doing it (and I'll admit I do enjoy it too, once I get it started). It's a tradition I started when they didn't even know what we were doing...and much to my surprise, the next year they remembered it. And every year when I think I can get out of it...hehehe...they remind me.

This is what it is...They LOVE decorating for Christmas and they LOVE baking for our neighbors and friends. For the decorating, they would do it in September, if I let them. They must have caught the Christmas Spirit from someone other than I. Many of you know the hilarious story last year of our decorating when they were determined beyond anything to get a christmas tree and decorate the minute we got back from the craziest and most stressful time that whole year...Hint: They unloaded my whole car of catering equipment, JUST so they could go get a tree. It's a funny story...remind me...I'll tell you sometime... :)

I usually go all out on the candy and desserts but this year they really just wanted to decorate sugar cookies and make peppermint brownies. GREAT with me. I still made some English Toffee and a few other things to add to it. My caramels were a disaster. I'll have to try again next year.

So, enjoy the little montage of pictures from some of our celebrations of the holiday season!

I love this nativity's the one from when we were kids. Joseph's arm is broken, the cow's ear is gone...and I'm sure the middle wise man's head has been glued on umpteen times! But I love it. I know my mom bought new nativities for everyone last year, but I'm so happy with the one that she has given to me. I will cherish it forever. (Actually, I think she gave it to me out of guilt...not thinking how much I would love it...because she bought all the nativities, but accidentallly gave me a christmas town...which by the way...I LOVE too. I never thought I would love a little Christmas town, but I think I'm more like Nanette every day with the miniatures. And can you tell how much x&x love it? Check out their little set-up below with their furniture from their collectible doll house Nan found for them...I'll have to post on that another time.)The start of my christmas card collection. That whole door is now covered with Christmas cards.

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ruth said...

WOW look at you. I can't think of buying any more decorations until I have more room to put them up.