Saturday, January 31, 2009

Christmas Wishlist Clear-Up

Well, I have to clear up one thing from my Christmas Wishlist post (I don't know how to link a previous post, so look to the right under previous posts in December and you'll find it). It has to do with what I wish when people are calling me and don't leave messages. I guess I've given a few people a complex. Hahha. I don't mean to chuckle, but I feel so bad cuz I didn't mean to cause such a stir.

Here's my clarification...

I too don't leave messages sometimes. But when I do that, it's because I'm either going to quickly call your cell phone OR I don't need you to call me back.

Likewise, if you call me and don't leave a message, I just will assume I don't need to call you back. But don't feel like you HAVE to leave one just because of what I said in my post. ;)

I hope that clears things up for some of my dear friends, and you don't need to worry anymore. ;) Love you guys.

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