Thursday, January 8, 2009

Food Drive

Feeding the Needy

Our Girl Scout troop took part in a Food Drive at Safeway to help collect food for the needy. I'll be honest, when I heard the term "Food Drive" I imagined having to hit up all my friends and family AGAIN to donate to the Food Drive. However, they did it so differently here in Sierra Vista. They made little cards that had a list of what they needed and gave it to the customers as they were walking in. If they could buy it, great! If not, no big deal. That way the people could just add it to their grocery list.

I was astounded at how much food was collected in just the few hours we were there. I guess it was such a success last year with the Girl Scout troops, our local TV station wanted to be a part of it. So it made it even bigger this year and they had truckloads full of food. It was pretty amazing. I was really pleased we were able to be a part of this event.

Oh, and notice the little girl who has what looks like a hat made of turkey legs. Yup! That's what it is! We made those for Thanksgiving and the girls thought it would be fun to bring them to wear at the Food Drive. Hehe. I love the humor we have in our troop! We have a great time!

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