Saturday, January 17, 2009


So, when Heather was out here in December, i came home to her pulling out decorations and feeding Spencer. What fun that was! Except I saw tears streaming down her face. At first I thought something had happened until I realized she was laughing! Take a look. And yes, it's at Spencer's expense, but come on, how funny are these videos...hahaha



I really wish the one of him eating bananas uploaded but I don't know why it didn't. It's too large of a file I think. But that one he actually starts shuddering. hahaha. I'm crying right now watching them.


Brent and Randi said...

My favorite part is that he keeps taking bites. That face reminds me of the yuckiest things I have ever put into my mouth (one being that soft shelled crab I ate...I am still not ok with that memory!)

Alicia said...

Jake makes a similar face EVERY time I give him his cereal... then he remembers that he likes it. It kills me every time, too.

Randi said...

The second video is so funny. If he keeps that up he may find himself wanting to roll over and possibly even sit and stand by himself. It would be much easier with a little bit less weight. HEHEHE. Atleast he is growing taller to stretch out his pounds.