Thursday, January 15, 2009


And Brian thought I didn't like snow!?! (Well, actually I don't. I would hate to live in it, even though I eventually am going to, but I love visiting it and I love when it snows for a few days in Sierra Vista. It's very serene and beautiful. But only for a day or two.)

Who's rockin the slopes now? Yup! That's me!

It was a whole family affair sledding at the golf course in Utah...

1. Brian & I & Spencer

2. Brian's Mom & Dad

3. Brian's sister's husband Sheldon and two of their kids.

4. My brother Sam and his daughter Ainsley

5. And Xoe & Xanthe and their dad and his whole family.

Yup! We all wanted to go sledding! Why not do it all together?! It was a grand ol time. Here are lots of pics for your enjoyment.

The picture below is when Sam eased Ainsley into go down all the way by herself. She even rode on my back, both of us on our stomachs. How dang cute is she!
Ahhh ya! That's right! We even took little Spinny down. :) He, well, "kind of" loved it. I think the snow was just too bright for him. He was plenty warm with that way cute snowsuit on.

I don't know what happened to Xanthe. All of these pictures I'm posting are with Xoe (see below). I need to see if anyone has pictures of Xanthe...too bad people can tell them apart now. I can't pass Xoe off as Xanthe anymore like I used to.
The picture below is Brian attempting to snowboard on a sled. I think he got the hang of it and actually made it down. But it was pretty funny watching him at first though. I don't think sleds were made to board it.
K. We seriously had such a fun time. I could sled all day. Brings me back to the good ol days. Girls (sisters), you remember them? Sledding in Smith Park, and being pulled behind our station wagon on our street with nothing but a rope and sled tied onto the bumper. Good times. Good times. (Still don't wanna live in it though. )

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Brent and Randi said...

That looks like so much fun. We went tube sledding last year in Washington and I loved it. We could slide in the dirt here...not as much fun though.