Friday, January 9, 2009


So, I just had an epiphany! I just realized that... through all my bah humbugness of Christmas, I realized that there is hope for me! And that there are a few things about Christmas that I like.
And it's pretty high on my list... Christmas Cards! I love sending them. And I love receiving them.

I just realized this because I just got the thrill of hanging about 20 Christmas cards all at once. Since we were gone, I didn't get to see most of them until after we got back. I just had the funnest time opening and reading everyone's cards.

I don't know why I feel that way about Christmas cards. Is it because I realized how fun it is to see all of them displayed on a wall? Probably. Or because it's so fun to fit all the geometric shapes together in a fun design? Maybe. Or is it because I realized that even through blogging, facebook, myspace, etc., there are so many who don't stay in touch with each other...except at the one time of year that we call Christmas.

And as I stepped back to view the beauty, I realized...all these people are people whom I truly love...And they're my friends. Thank you to everyone who sends Christmas cards. You really make my Christmas Season special in more ways than you know. :) Do you see yours up on the wall? Fun, huh?
And I hope all of you received ours. I know a lot of you have moved recently so please let me know your new address!


Crazy Hughes Fam... said...
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Crazy Hughes Fam... said... I just LOVE Christmas cards of my favorite things about the Holidays...but I don't see mine up on the wall...I know I sent one and it isn't there...I am sad if you didn't get it!?!?!? Should I send another....

Happy 2009!

PS...did you notice my music is gone? I remember that was one of your Christmas wishes...I thought while blogging a picture of Christ as our post on Christmas we should take away Grease Lightening...I kept it off :)

Nan said...


amber buhrley said...

I feel the exact same way. And how come I love to look at other people christmas cards even when i dont know who they are? Am I weird. And I love reading the long lengthy updates!

Another thing...I just realized that nan comments on your blog an awful lot and has never commented on mine? What should I think about that?

Christy said...

Tami...I didn't get your christmas card! yes, please resend...unless it's too late and you've packed them all away. And that is a funny story about your grease music. hehe. I hope I didn't offend. Like I said, I didn't mind it if I could find where the music was on people's blogs to turn it off. Ya, I don't think the grease music would have matched with the nativity. :)

Christy said...

Amber, I love doing the same thing. I love looking at the christmas cards on other people's walls. And I also love every couple of years looking through all my old christmas cards (I keep them in a little box) and seeing how people have changed. I just did it this year and had such a good time. :) And are you sure nan never posts on yours?

Alicia said...

I LOVE Christmas cards, too! It's definitely one of my very favorite parts of Christmas-time. Sometimes I catch myself just looking at my pantry door. Love it!

Nathan said...
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