Wednesday, October 20, 2010


So, I've been cut off from blogging.  From "Blogger".  They say I've hit my max on picture uploading. Everyone I talk to says they've never had that problem so I wonder if I'm doing something wrong. I've only had my blog for about 3 years so I can't imagine what I've done.

I never actually learned how to use a blog and use Blogger as a program. I just thought it was pretty self-explanatory so I I just started clickin away.  I did, however, frequently wonder if everyone hated as much as I did how long it took to upload pictures, and that you could only do 5 at a time.  Then the pictures would post in backwards order.  So, I always had to upload them backwards, so they would then be right side up.  I frequently wished they would let us upload pictures a bunch at a time like Snapfish or Facebook.

Ya, now that I'm writing my thoughts down on paper, I really think I am doing something wrong.  I'm sounding a bit stupid right now.

I've gotten some great responses from friends on Facebook on how they do their blogging (some use different programs). But have you guys run into this problem?

I think my videos are taking up a lot of space, although I don't have a ton of videos on my blog.  So, again, I'm still wondering what I'm doing wrong.

Until I fix it though, I can't upload  more pictures. So, no more posts.  Bummer, huh?  I could really use your help.  Help!


Alicia said...

I have absolutely no idea.
Good luck, though.
And figure it out quickly, so I can keep up with you Germans.

Heather said...

haha i dont know why i actually think this is pretty funny haha i have no idea!

Randi said...

That is really funny! Maybe you should finally turn this thing into a few books and delete the posts so you have more room. If you need some pointers I have a few I could give you on the books.

Jeremy and Amy said...

Christy, I have had the same problem several times. Here is what happens with me... not sure if it's the same for you - everytime I post pics on blogspot the pics are automatically uploaded to picasa for some reason. So whenever blogspot says I'm over my limit I just go into picasa and delete all the pics that were saved there. They are still on my blog so I don't lose the pics. I really don't know why they are saved on picasa in the first place. After I delete a few of the albums then I have room to post more pics with blogspot. It's weird, huh? give it a try. :)