Saturday, October 30, 2010

Hating Haircuts

Did I ever mention Spencer HATES haircuts?  I tried getting him one from the salon but he screamed the whole time.  My mom, while she was visiting last year, helped show me how to cut it myself.  Cute haircut she gave him, huh?  We also armed ourselves with an ice cream sandwich, trains, a bottle and Happy Hippos. Whatever works, right?

So, fast forward a few months. You'da thunk he'da let me do it if I repeated all the same things my mom did, right? Nope.  But he wasn't AS BAD as at the salon. But he still wouldnt' let me cut it straight. I have no pictures... just trust me it was too short up on top.  Thanks to Nanette, my sister, a hairstylist, she told me to give him a popsicle in the bath and while he's preoccupied, cut it then. So, I do that now.  But it's not the best haircut, but it works. :) 

This is just a random picture of Spencer that was near all these other ones.  I thought I'd just throw it in for fun.  He got on this "Whipped Cream Kick" where he thought Cool Whip was ice cream. So he wanted it in a bowl to eat at night when we were all eating popcorn, ice cream and watching movies. Silly kid.

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Mossi said...

Just curious...what kind of awesome shorts is Nancy wearing? :)