Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dinner Pictures w/ Grammy & Grandpa

I forgot to post pictures of  our dinner with my mom and dad on Halloween night when the girls went trick-or-treating.  The pictures are great so of course they can’t be ignored.
Halloween Dinner 001
Halloween Dinner 003
Halloween Dinner 004
Halloween Dinner 007
Halloween Dinner 009
Halloween Dinner 010
Halloween Dinner 011
Halloween Dinner 012


Randi said...

Spencer looks like he is getting his color done! Please explain...Super cute pictures. Your dad looks like a ham.

Christy said...

Hey Randi, I don't know if you'll get my response to this but the way they do leftovers here (you may know) is they just hand you a roll of foil. Spencer was touching it and thought it was funny. So I took off a piece and started shaping it on his head to make a hat. He patted it down and it flattened it. He thought it was so funny to just sit there balancing the foil.

Liz said...

I read your blog via RSS and just realised you haven't posted in about a month.

I hope your family is healthy, safe and well. (I also hope you haven't given up blogging! I'd miss your adventures.)