Sunday, October 24, 2010

Murder Mystery Dinner

So, remember a little while ago I posted about a 70's fondue party my friends Marnie and Kevin had?  Well, that was in January.  But the November before that (right after Halloween), we threw a Murder Mystery Dinner together.  This was so much fun!  I loved every minute of it and we were in fits of laughter during the game.  We had enough people for two groups. so you'll see different costumes that don't really fit together. I'll explain later.

Anyway, you're getting a little bit of a sneak peek at these pictures. Don't be surprised if you see them in next month's issue of Polite Society Magazine. :) I have just been waiting for forever to post them and I thought now would be a good time so you could all start thinking of planning one.  It doesn't have to be in October, although it is funner around Halloween.  I've done a few of these so let me know if you need any hints.  And there are lots of games you can buy right online without waiting for a gameboard to ship to you.

Happy murdering!

Mingling beforehand.  We had an Italian Sodas bar, which is what I was doing right here.  Making everyone their cocktails for the cocktail hour. :)  Oh, and by the way, everyone HAD to stay in character.  For days, (and even church the next day) I kind of forgot what people's real names were because I had gotten so used to calling them by their character name.  I also REALLY wanted them to still act like their character the next day because it was just so dang funny.

Nathaniel was a sailor and I wish you could see that he even drew a tattoo on his arm.  hahaha.

Brian was a banker and I was Bella Donna, an opera singer.

The First Game -"The Grapes of Frath"
Took place in the 1920's on a yacht by the billionaire Archibald Bemmington Frath, who inevitably was the one who was killed.  All of our characters knew him in some way and had motive. It was up to us to figure out whodunnit.

The Second Game -"Murder on Misty Island"
This game took place in the 1980's. All the characters were high school classmates, except for Gertrude Hesseldorf, their former housemother.  Their attorney friend Stephanie was murdered on the island during their class reunion, and it was up to them to find the culprit!

All the Ladies!

All the Ladies!
It was funny that in both games there were four girls asked to dress like a flapper girl/actress/drama queen.  We just had to get a picture.  Oh and P.S. I threw that headdress together at the last minute. It's one of my serious accomplishments for coming up with it and for where I got the supplies. I pretty much pulled things apart to create it.  How rad are the other costumes though? Lauren (the girl on the right) discovered a costume shop that I now frequent. It's like Party City over here, but even better. They even sell costume material you cut off the bolt.  But I digress.

So, are you all ready to host your own murder mystery party? Just do it!  You'll thank me later!


brittany ann said...

Man! I totally missed out on the awesome parties you threw, but now I feel inspired :) Our ward has some very creative and fun ladies, that's for sure!

Lokodi said...

I forgot how amazing that party was! I would love to do something like that again this year. Are you up for something like that Christy? There's a whole new group of people in the ward that I haven't gotten to know. It would be fun to invite new-bees. What do you think? One of the funnest nights I've had!


Raenbows and Mud Puddles said...

It looks like it was a blast.. something I could see having a ton of fun at! You all looked so great! Love Lindsey expression in the last picture... everyone had so much sass! LOVE it! ♥