Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mom’s London Trip

Mom London 001

When I asked my parents what big trip they wanted to take when here, they both wanted to do something totally different.  My dad really had his heart set on going to Gdansk, Poland (a part that used to be Germany) where his ancestors came from.  My mom really wanted to go to London.  They couldn’t agree on anything so I finally suggested they go their separate ways… my dad to Poland and my mom and I to London.  I didn’t think they would agree to it because they really like to be together… but much to my surprise they were totally for it. 

So, two days after they arrived, we flew our separate ways.  This London trip was super fun this time because I had already been there twice so I was able to give her my suggestions and get to the main sites pretty quickly.

My mom and I got in pretty late, and our hotel was far outside of town.  It was surprisingly crowded for being late October.  We found out the London Film Festival was going on at the same time it was the kids’ vacation holiday in England.  Which is why we couldn’t find a hotel close to the main part of the city.

Mom London 003
Mom London 004
We only had one full day there, and wasted much of the morning trying to figure out how to get to the underground station.  No one was of any help to tell us which bus to get on to get to the “tube.”  Thus, we didn’t get as much done as we’d have wanted.  

The first thing we made sure to do was get on a Double Decker Tour Bus.  It was a bit cold outside but this is always a good way to see everything from a distance and then decide where you want to go from there.
Mom London 008
A big thing my mom really wanted to do was go on the Beatles Walk.  This cute man who led The Walk was a studio musician “back in the day” and had lots of stories to tell.  My mom was thoroughly enjoying it.  It was really fun seeing venues they played, studios they recorded in and events that happened around them.  There were also lots of other rock and roll stars and places he showed us that wasn’t just limited to the Beatles. 
Mom London 005

The next picture is for my mom.  She really wanted me to take a picture of it because of it's beauty.  She was amazingly enamored by the whole city and country of London, England.  She wouldn’t sleep on the train or bus for fear of missing the architecture… from the bigger palaces, to the back town suburbs.  It’s my belief that every person is “pulled” to a certain place where they fall in love with everything about it.  I think England was that way for my mom.  It made the whole trip worth it to see how happy she was being there.
Mom London 007
After doing the Double Decker bus tour, the Beatles walk and seeing a few of our own things, we decided to get some dinner.  I wanted my mom to have the full England experience so we, of course, went to a pub.
Mom London 017

Mom London 018
The next day we only had about 4 hours to see way too many things we didn't make it to the day before.  We chose Westminster Abbey and Kensington Palace.  My mom love, love, loved The Abbey, but unfortunately Kensington Palace was too far away to get there in time to take a tour. But we got there to at least walk around and see the grounds.  It’s definitely a place we need to go to again.
Mom London 002
Mom London 004
On our way back to the airport. It’s quite far from the main city so we had to take a train. Bye London!  Til next time!
Mom London 005


Randi said...

I love that your parents were not afraid to go it alone for a few days. Sometimes you just have to do that to make everyone happy. I have been to some of the places you and your mom went to. It is a very fun city with lots to do. I hope you have pictures from your dad's trip. I have never seen Poland before.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it special to do something just with your Mom? When I was in Israel only my mother could come to visit and it was a totally different experience than it would have been if both my parents had come. It was more like sisters.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I knew that your father's family must have been German because of his family name. Have we already talked about this? Do you know the meaning?