Monday, October 25, 2010


Grammy and Grandpa came to visit!  You have no idea how exciting this was for not only Brian and me, but my kids as well!  Xanthe and Xoe are addicted to my mom and dad.  When I was a single mom, my mom and dad were the girls' second parents.  Their house has always been a warm place with good memories, and my parents have always been warm people for my girls to snuggle up to, be taken care of and to turn to for extra love.  Xanthe and Xoe could not count the days fast enough.

Here are some pictures of us waiting at the airport.  As you can see, the girls were waiting with baited breath.  In the first picture, they were trying to see into the customs room in hopes of catching a glimpse of their Grammy and Grandpa.

As for Spencer, it had been awhile since he'd seen them and hasn’t yet truly bonded with them.  While at the airport, he was just excited to ride up and down the escalator about 75 HUNDRED times.

Cute kids waiting together…

They all look so cute in both pictures I couldn’t help but post even though they’re similar.

The girls were jumping for joy and almost jumped over the barriers the minute they saw their Grammy and Grandpa coming through the doors.  It was a happy day.


Randi said...

I am so glad that you were able to have a visit from family. I am sure the time will fly by and December will be here. I can't wait to see all of the fun things you did with your parents.

Rachel said...

that's so great your parents could come visit! i hope you guys have a blast. actually, i don't know why i said that because it's evident that you always do have a blast! and you're right about how cute your kids are. totally darling!

Randi said...

Your blog is broken again. Your Halloween post didn't show up. I clicked on the post title in my blog reader and it said that the blog "were german now" doesn't exist. You have been denied once again. Bummer!

Alicia said...

Randi is right. Broken blog.
But your parents visiting sounds awesome!
Love you.
Miss you.
Send me my letter! :)