Sunday, October 31, 2010

Garmisch-Edelweiss Lodge & Resort

Edelweiss Lodge 016

For another big trip with my parents, we decided to take them a few hours south to a great German town known as Garmisch. It’s amongst the Alps and is very close to 3 of the most famous castles of King Ludwig (more on that later).  When deciding where to stay, we searched all over the place, discounting the Army’s “Edelweiss Lodge & Resort,” thinking that it was probably an old run down place (even though in my head I knew it had been rebuilt… just didn’t put two and two together) and more expensive for what it was worth.
As Brian looked at the prices again, he found a Junior Suite, plenty of room for all of us.  Imagine our surprise when we showed up and found this beautiful place. 
Edelweiss Lodge 021
Edelweiss Lodge 022
Edelweiss Lodge 015
Edelweiss Lodge 010
It was modern, state of the art, and had everything an American could want.  haha.  Which is an amazing buffet, a Sports Bar with ice and refillable drinks, as well as souvenir shops, a swimming pool, a movie area with tiny chairs for the little kids, a nice gym and a playground out back.  There was something for everyone.  What I had forgotten was that this new ski resort was recently rebuilt and very popular.  It must have been off season.  I’ve heard of many friends staying here but no one told me the extent of how beautiful it was. 
Edelweiss Lodge 013

Edelweiss Lodge 019
Edelweiss Lodge 020
Edelweiss Lodge 023

Such a cute picture of Spencer.  He was so excited.  Guess why?  Look in the picture below what was right outside our sliding back door.
Edelweiss Lodge 006
Edelweiss Lodge 001
Edelweiss Lodge 004
Surprisingly, Spencer wasn’t fond of this merry go round but I wanted a picture of it.  haha.
Edelweiss Lodge 008
We showed up on Halloween night because the Army base celebrated on Saturday night.  Well, I guess THIS Army base in Garmisch celebrated on Sunday night.  Had we known, the girls could have gone trick or treating again.  They surprisingly weren’t that interested.  How fun is this pumpkin contest they had outside when we arrived.  And remember, we arrived at night so all these were lighting up the front entryway to go into the hotel.

Edelweiss Lodge 024
Edelweiss Lodge 025
Edelweiss Lodge 028
These were my dad’s favorite pumpkins.
Harry-Edelweiss 001
Harry-Edelweiss 002
Harry-Edelweiss 003
Umm…ya… those are the Alps behind the hotel.  I’m only sad I didn’t get the beautiful wall murals of German life painted on each side of the entrance.
Edelweiss Lodge 029
Edelweiss Lodge 033
Edelweiss Lodge 032


Randi said...

That is such a beautiful lodge! When I lived in Germany I went on a school trip to Austria and learned to ski in the Alps. I was amazing.

I also have to add that I love what you said about having everything an American could want (a buffet and refillable drinks) Nothing like food and drink to make us happy!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your kind words about our staff and facility. We will continue to keep our promise to military families with affortable accommodation, programs and services. I am very happy that your family enjoyed thier first trip to the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort, and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Happy Holidays

Marc Jannsen
General Manager
Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

the sister said...

You Can See Me With Grampy's Ipad In The First Picture! HAHA!