Monday, November 1, 2010

Schloss (Castle) Linderhof

One of the reasons we traveled to Garmisch is that it was quite close to the castles of King Ludwig.  They’re pretty impressive.  This one used to be his Hunting Lodge, but it was the only one that ended up finished, so he used it as a main residence. It’s a way smaller version of Palace of Versailles, but just as gawdy.  Because it was winter, all of the gardens were covered and all the statutes were underneath boxes. It was fine.  The inside was splendid to see!  I did a more in-depth post Last year (click on the link) when we took the kids in May 2009.  You can go there to see more about the actual castle. But here are a few pictures of all of us having a good time.
Linderhof w GG 011

Below is the front of the castle.  You can see from where my dad is standing (down in front) where the fountains, flowers and statues are supposed to be.
Linderhof w GG 013
Linderhof w GG 010

We couldn’t take pictures inside, but look at my previous post (that I linked above) and I posted some published pictures of the inside.  Brian stayed outside with Spencer since he would just be CRAZY inside… kid does not like being confined. (Plus, Brian has already seen it twice before.)  Once Spencer was finished running around the gardens about 10 times (and they’re not small gardens), Brian gave him the iphone to play his kid games on.  Gotta have SOMETHING to keep that kid contained. I just thought this was a cute picture of Xanthe and Spencer.  The next one after that I loved Spencer’s bulldog hood and sporting his leather jacket on top.
Linderhof w GG 016
Linderhof w GG 001

Spencer LOVED the swans until one came charging after him and bit his hand.  Brian had to actually block the swan with his knee.  Swan came slamming into him.  Spencer wanted nothing to do with him after that.
Linderhof w GG 004

I’m posting the next few pictures of the girls, because I’m going to start a theme of running pictures throughout some of my posts.  It’s going to be called, “Xoe & Xanthe refuse to take a serious picture.”  It’s the funniest thing… me trying to snap pictures of them unknowingly but they always catch me and make some stupid face.  This time, though, I kept asking them to pose and just take a cool artsy picture and inevitably one of them would ruin it. The first two pictures aren’t bad, but watch the next ones.  And then just wait for some Halloween pictures I have that I’ll post at another time.  Silly girls.  I don’t know why I’m questioning and wondering where they got it from.  My whole family can never take a picture without striking some crazy pose or making a face.  Linderhof w GG 017

Linderhof w GG 026
Linderhof w GG 024

.(refused to turn around)
Linderhof w GG 029
…then when they did… I got this…
Linderhof w GG 031

…Xoe was just pretending to be fiddling with her nose, or picking it or something, but she had it there for a good 12 pictures… or she just likes picking her nose!  Either way, it’s up on the internet.  Booyah, Xoe! That’s what you get for not taking a serious picture!
Linderhof w GG 032
Linderhof w GG 033
Linderhof w GG 034
Don’t worry. I’ll get them back somehow.  Muahahaha!  I always do.  (They’re very big into practical jokes.  So we get each other good sometimes.)

Next Stop: Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle

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Kerstin said...

At least you get a picture from them. My niece is now 15 and she refuses to let her picture taken (I had the same phase as a teenager. Did you?).

Poor Spencer! Did the swan really bite, e.g. can you see a mark? Maybe he needs a Tetanus shot?

And finally (I feel bad because you comment so much, now I think I have to do that, too): SNOW! Already. :-( I'm so jealous of you going to California.