Friday, November 19, 2010

Young Women in Excellence

I feel like I already posted about this but can't find the post anywhere on my blog. So here I go. Sorry if this is a repeat.

Last year, the Young Women (church group ages 12-18) invited Xoe & Xanthe and their other friend who was turning 12 the same day, to attend their Young Women in Excellence Night.  This is their sort of "End of the Year" dinner acknowledging everything the Young Women have done that year.  

We felt so proud to be invited. The Young Women's President made it such a fancy dinner. She had pretty goblets, fancy china, a sitdown meal.  Every detail was not overlooked.  Even the water bottles were decorated.  It also gave X&X a great opportunity to meet a couple of the other Young Women and to start getting excited for the program.  I was happy to see other Young Women who the girls could look up to as examples.  We have a great bunch and I'm excited for them to turn 12.

Thanks Tina (and the rest of the leaders and girls) for making X&X feel so welcome.

Their Young Women President

Such a cute banner, huh?

This was all there was in the program up until then.  Soon afterward, two new families moved in with 5 girls between them, and another girl was baptized.  Going from one girl to 10 in only a few months was amazing.


Randi said...

They look way too grown up to be 11 in these pictures! I am really excited for them that they have such great leaders and other YM to look up to and learn from. They will be the older ones some day and I know that your girls will be who all of the little beehives want to be like.

Kerstin said...

You never blogged about but you mentioned it once.

They look so beautiful with makeup (also without).