Saturday, November 6, 2010


(For those who have already read this post, I've included an addendum below).

My blog is not working. 
And everything I do to make it better turns worse.
I’ve even tried all the things everyone else advised me to do.  No avail.
Even Brian has tried fixing it and it hasn’t done anything.  And you know good he is at fixing things!
It’s like it hates me.
All is well though.  Leave it to Brian to save the day and just pay the damn $5.00 for some extra storage space and call it good.
There are still lots of other problems, like posts not having all the pictures inside them, or settings being messed up.  So be forgiving for awhile. 
If all of the above weren’t enough for a ball of anger to form, I now have to make a list of everything that keeps going wrong so when I call Blogger Help back I can have a written log.
Bitter.  I hate doing things like that. 
It’s like getting your wallet stolen.  Or getting in a car accident.  All the stupid extra steps and hassles you have to go through just to get a new copy of your license, or the dent in your door fixed.  SUCH A BURR IN MY SIDE, and I don’t like burrs in my sides.
On a lighter note, I think I fixed my Halloween post (after 2 hours of manually typing in html code).  So, hopefully you’ll be able to see all the pictures.

Let me clarify:
In response to Randi's comment, it wasn't a matter of too many pictures.  What was happening was that every time I posted, instead of saving one set of pictures into Picasa, two sets of pictures were somehow being saved. I was told by a couple of people if I delete them out of Picasa they wouldn't be deleted off my blog.  But of course, that didn't work for me. So I now have double the amount of pictures within my storage space.  

Also, the settings for the size of my pictures is quite large.  When I tried to make them smaller in the past, it was not only time consuming, but people told me they couldn't click on them and make them bigger to look at people a little more close up.  Therefore, each picture was taking up double the space.  I used up my storage space very quickly because of both of these reasons.  

We were trying to figure out anything we could do, until late last night at 1:00 a.m. I got an email on my phone (I still wasn't asleep) from Google confirming the purchase of extra space.  Brian had purchased it probably out of the need to get me off his back about the whole thing.  haha.  It does seem easier and it's not expensive. It was just the principle that was making me so mad.

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Randi said...

You could always start a new blog with a link to this blog so people could go back to the archives if they want to. Then you would have at least a year before you reached your picture quota on the new blog. HAHA I thought I posted a lot of pictures.