Saturday, November 20, 2010

6th Grade Awards Assembly-Quarter 1

Xanthe and Xoe have been doing really well in their studies.  They have been on the High Honor Roll two quarters in a row. Here are pictures from their first awards assembly.  They got a certificate (of which I can't find upstairs in their myriad of "memory" papers), a congratulations letter from the principal, and a packet of "coupons" to all the shops on the base.  Things like a free movie ticket, and a free magazine from the Bookstore, and free food from the bowling alley and food court.  If anything, the girls look forward to winning that packet of coupons.  Hey! Whatever works, right? :)

Xanthe... I was so proud that the Colonel (not in this picture, but the main person in charge over here) actually comes to these awards ceremonies... every quarter.  He is very proud of the kids and really supports and encourages them.  The one with the suit is their principal (in our ward... and the girls get really nervous around him seeing him at church) and the one with the microphone is Mr. Lawrence, their Language Arts teachers, and one of their favorites. I really like him too. He's super fun and vibrant and laid back and very encouraging of the girls' smarts.  They love his class. 


With one of their best friends, Jazmine!  She's like our adopted daughter, she's over at our house so much. Her parents are good friends of ours too.
Congrats, girls! Keep up the good work!

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Randi said...

I have to start by saying how impressed I am with your blog! I have so many days when none of the blogs I follow (or secretly stalk) have updates. I have enjoyed my morning reading of your life! Next I have to say how great it must feel as a mom to have such amazing girls. They really do try their best and are always up on top of whatever they do. Good job to them for getting such great grades!