Sunday, November 7, 2010

Is it working?

I sat for two hours yesterday making a whole new Halloween post because so many people said they couldn’t read or see the pictures.  So I deleted the post and made a new one.  On my computer and Brian’s computer (without  me being signed in), we can see all of the pictures.  Can you?

Please let me know so I can figure out what is going on, if it really isn’t working… or everyone just needs to refresh their browser.

Thank you!


Laura said...

Hi Christy,
I love reading your blog about all of your German adventures...sorry about all the grief you are getting with your pictures. I can see the first half of your halloween pictures, but nothing under the trick or treat section...just a whole bunch of squares where the pictures should be.
hope that's at all helpful (even though I'm sure it's not.) good luck,

Kerstin said...

Unfortunately the same here. And the pictures of GRAMMY & GRAMPA disappeared, too. I saw them the other day, now I don't.

Anonymous said...

and my internet explorer is the version 8.


Randi said...

Little monkey boy climbing the stairs is the last picture on the Halloween post and the pictures with your parents are gone too. Sorry this is so frustrating for you.