Thursday, November 4, 2010

Grammy & Grandpa say goodbye

This was a sad day for us when my mom and dad had to leave. It truly was nice having family come to visit and the girls, I think, were the most heartbroken when they had to leave. I've mentioned it before, that the girls have a special bond with Grammy and Grandpa (not surprising... G&G are freaking awesome!). Here we are saying goodbye at the airport. Thank you G&G!  We will miss you and the girls will be counting down the days til they can see you again!

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Randi said...

We have been living in AZ for 3 years now and I still cry when I leave my family or they leave us here. It never gets any easier. Glad that they got to visit for a bit and that you had so many great adventures with them. That is what the girls will remember, not how they felt when it was over.