Monday, August 11, 2008


This was the most amazing thing....The Whiting Village. All throughout the Homestead, they recreated life how it was in the olden days and things that represented the Whitings. I've posted a few pictures below, but it is only a small portion of what they had. I'm so bummed I didn't get a picture of the real dairy cow that the kids got to milk, and the tiny pony they got to ride. There was a bee station, where they learned all about making honey (Anna Maria Whiting used to make honey to save money to send her boys on missions) and they got to make honeycomb candles. The kids learned how to use old fashioned sewing machines, how they make hats, how to use a slingshot ("flipper"), ride a small train around the Homestead, get a "shave" from the barbershop, go to jail and sing a song to get out, attend a "live" play, etc. It was the funnest dang thing I've ever been to. I was so amazed. So, here are pictures of the things I didn't mention above.

The Whiting Cash Store...I wish I would have gotten a picture of the inside. They had a penny candy counter and homemade fudge, yo-yos and an old-fashioned soda machine. They sold all the heritage books there, a bedtime story book (of all the stories we've heard through the years as kids), heritage "Go Fish" playing cards (with all the ancestors on them), doll clothes you could make, t-shirts, etc. It was decorated so cute with old fashioned dolls, real food (carrots with the green stems on them, barrels of potatoes, freshly laid eggs, and a big milk container), old fashioned sewing spools and material and fun old fashioned toys. This was my favorite of the whole "Village".
Laundry Station...The Startup Family (of which I belong to) was in charge of the Laundry station. Everyone that came learned about how they did laundry in the olden days. How rad do Nan and Katie look? hahaha

Beauty Shop...they put the kids' hair in braids and "wraps". Whiting Sawmill Demo...The cool thing about this was that Ben and Myles got stuck there telling everyone about it...they ended up switching off because they got so bored.
Chair Factory...Xoe wittled a spear that was a bit dangerous. We had to hide it so one of the kids didn't impale someone with it.

Cattle Herding...Here's Xoe learning how to crack a whip. Yes, they had to wear helmets cuz they became quite dangerous. What you also don't see is the chicken coop, which I thought was so fun.Ice Cream Parlor...
The Post could write letters to other people who were there and they could come pick them up and write you back...The Hat Shop and Quilting also...School...The children got to write with feather quills and pots of ink...

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Heather said...

haha wow i have never seen some of those pictures and i igot a good laugh at the ones of Nan and Katie in the bonnets! haha and i will try and hurry and post some of me and colette! haha